Module Description

Modules Description

•             Login

•             Customer Profile

•             Employee Profile

•             Product Specifications

•             Complaint Registration

•             Generate Solution

•             Customer Communication


           This includes Administrator and User login. There will be a username and password to login into system to use all the facilities.


         This module is helps to gives the details about Customer details, Name, Address, contact number, payment details etc….


          This module is helps to gives the details about the employee details and they salary informations.


Information about the product problem is taken, such as: product name, lot number, manufactur- ing and expiry date, detailed description of complaint, amount of product with problem and any additional information to note. … It should be documented on the investigation form if the complaint sample will be sent.


           This module is helps to gives the details about the customer complaints registration.


              This module is helps to gives the solution of the different types of customers complaints


            Perfecting communication skills is important in any situation, check out the tips below for effective communication when dealing with a complaint.

1. Understand the complaint. Before  answer an angry customer, show that We have understood the problem of that customer. If the customer has explained his or her complaints  only need to repeat the problem and find a solution.

2. Ask for clarification. An angry customer might be unable to write their complaint clearly.

3. Personalize the response to the customer. An angry customer will not be able to cool down if he or she feels that no one is there to listen to his or her complaint.

4. Say that you will solve the problem as soon as possible. An angry customer just needs concrete actions. So we need to specify how you are going to solve the problem of that angry customer.

5. If delivering a good message, say it first. If we can make a customer happy, deliver the good message first and then show empathy. Good message: “We will refund your money with pleasure as you requested.” Empathy. product warranty.”

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