“Product Sales through own online shopping website with secure payment gateway“

The project is based on complete managing the activities like Shopping, Cart, Checkout, My Account, Inventory, Daily Price table and Placing Order with & without offer in website like online shopping.

In the leather industry all the above activities are maintaining by manual system. In our project this system is fully computerized. Online profile gallery shows the photo copy of the leather products with the necessary specifications. If customers want to buy the items, they may also buy directly through our site itself. If the prices varies day to day then customers no need to walk in to the outlets for checking the prices. Customers can see the price details instantly in the Daily price table itself.

Stock availability can be viewed in the site itself. If the customer wants to buy any leather products can go to the site and check available stock. Most of the customers are hopeless to buy the products in offer rate since fake transactions are done and listed as out of stock. This issue can be rectified by this method.

With and without offer rate details of fertilizers are shown in the site. All customers are eligible to avail the offer rate. In the usual days customers should have to buy in the usual rate itself without offer price.

Major Modules are:

User’s Profile (My Account)

Leather products shopping

View Cart added summary

Checkout to buy the selection

Placing Order

Payment gateway

Leather products inventory

Daily Price table updating

Profile of Leather products

Front End: Php

Back End: MySQL

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