In our project the “Production process handling” is executed. The production manager should provide the requirement of raw materials time to time. This requirement is prepared order number wise. The technician prepares the actual requirement. Then the production manager verifies and approves the request.

This results in systematic order execution without any time delay in production.   Here sole for shoe and chappal are mentioned based upon the size wise. The upper leather requirement also estimated per piece.

Action plan is nothing but the different orders are simultaneously undergone in the production unit in a proper action plan. For an example the order which one should deliver first will be given first priority then next respectively. The man power, machine power and the job work unit everything should be utilized by preplanning time to time.


  • Login authentication
  • Shoe / Chappal Series
  • Supplier and Customer
  • Article
  • Order Entry
  • Sole requirement
  • Leather requirement

Front End              :        VB

Backend                 :        SQL Server / Access

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