The project entitled is ā€œLeather Chemicals Agency inward and outward interpretationā€ In Leather Industry chemicals plays an important role. Majorly there are two types of chemicals used in the leather industry. They are dyeing and finishing chemicals. Approximately there are more than three thousand chemicals used in the leather manufacturing process.

In order to maintain the stock it is very difficult. To solve this issue computerization is needed. Production manager can see the stock available details time to time. Minimum order quantity is more helpful to get exact stock to be purchased as per our requirement. Stock location can also be identified with the help of stock location in the item creation.

To maintain the usage of Chemical inventory manually is very difficult. In order to get instant detail about the closing balance of the stock, stock value, location of the stock, minimum order quantity and expiry details is very difficult. So, we maintain the chemical inventory system by computerized system. By this method manual process can be replaced by computerization. Data remains safely in the system.


  • Purchase Request Arising
  • Chemical Purchase Master
  • Purchase Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Purchase Return
  • Chemical Issue for production / sales
  • Chemical Issue for Job work units
  • Chemical Issue for Contractors
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Store ledger

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