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Internet of Things (IoT):

IOT is a new predominant technology for this advanced world. This technology can change the lifestyle people lead. Question is what the Internet of Things is? IoT can be described as a network of physical objects connected through the internet. Physical objects could be anything that contains embedded electronics, software, sensor, etc. with the internet. Using the IP addresses, those smart objects can exchange data among the network and can make a decision. A significant number of researches is going on over the IoT trends and projects. In this article, we will talk about a few IoT project ideas based on standard IoT protocols, so that readers get the basic knowledge about the Internet of Things. These internet of things example are keen, useful, and interesting to build.

Researchers are already working with advance, IoT based projects. But we will narrate here basic level IoT projects. Let’s see how many readers like to drive their car using a mobile phone or control home appliances from office. Similar internet of things example we will discuss below.

IoT Based Weather Reporting System

At first, we are presenting a smart weather monitoring and reporting system here. To update the report manually is time-consuming. Here the necessity of automated reporting update solution arises. IoT based weather reporting system brings a solution where this system uses temperature, humidity rain sensors to monitor weather and report weather statistics online.

It works constantly and sends data via microcontroller to the webserver using the WIFI internet. This system allows the user to set a threshold for a particular situation and alerts the user if weather reporting crosses the threshold value.

Important Features

  • This system does not need human attention to monitor, as it is an automated system.
  • It helps to collect data in tough environments like a volcano, minefield, polar zone, etc.
  • Internet connection is needed to both ends.
  • The future advancement of this project would be predicting weather forecast and disaster.
  • It uses a learn-do-review methodology.

IoT Based Alarm Clock

We use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. But this is the world of IoT platform-based product. A small alarm clock can give you a lot more things, not just wake up call. Imagine a morning when your alarm clock just made you wake up from the morning, turned the bathroom light on, start playing your favorite music, open the curtains. One of the gifts from the IoT based idea is a smart alarm clock. Below there are essential features of IoT based alarm clock.

Important Features

  • Users can set the alarm via smartphone.
  • Voice command feature can help the user even to start a video chat.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment according to day or night.
  • Audio amplifier volume control by voice command.
  • Apache 2 server can be used for this internet of things example.

IoT Based Traffic Management System

Almost every metropolitan city faces traffic problems. As the population is increasing day by day, the necessity of a smart traffic management system is undeniable. IoT based project like smart traffic management system can reduce the traffic problem. Sometimes it is difficult for the ambulance to cross the traffic.

Counting advantage of an ambulance, this management system connects with the ambulance driver and helps to find the signal where traffic flow can be controlled dynamically. This internet of things example also monitors traffic rules violators.

Important Features

  • Finding an emergency path for an emergency situation is easy.
  • This IoT project can be used anywhere.
  • Can identify traffic violator at night.
  • It shows green light only for an ambulance, fire truck, or emergency vehicle.

Cloud storage:

Cloud storage like google drive, one drive, you tube etc. can be used to access the data through the network. This centralized storage helps us to access the data anywhere around the world.

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