Project Title   :           Quality Assortment Technic in Leather Industry

Presently physical measurements are done for quality assortment. It takes more time and sometimes the human physical measurements fails. In our proposed system by using the image comparison technic the quality measurements are done. It saves more time and accurate measurements are done here. This helps to classify the grade of products like Grade–A Grade–B Grade–C

While normalizing the pictures, if one is a higher resolution than the other, consider the option that one of them is a compressed version of the other, therefore scaling the resolution down might provide more accurate results. Scanning various prospective areas of the image that could represent zoomed portions of the image and various positions and rotations. It starts getting tricky if one of the images are a skewed version of another, these are the sort of limitations you should identify and compromise on. Testing the algorithms

Should test (at the minimum) a large human analyzed set of test data where matches are known beforehand. It is important to note that each algorithm to be useful must perform better than random guessing. Compare it to the totals for a second image. Find that each image has a fairly unique footprint, enough to identify matches. With two similar pictures edge detection should provide you with a usable and fairly reliable unique footprint. Take both pictures, and apply edge detection. Maybe measure the average thickness of the edges and then calculate the probability the image could be scaled, and rescale if necessary.

Compare the pictures pixel for pixel, count the matches and the non matches. If they are within a certain threshold of error, you have a match. Otherwise, you could try reducing the resolution up to a certain point and see if the probability of a match improves. Some images may have distinctive segments/regions of interest. These regions probably contrast highly with the rest of the image, and are a good item to search for in your other images to find matches.

If the company done production 24 hours, that is by means of 3 shifts it gives maximum production. As well as if less number of rejections and best Grade products manufactured the production efficiency is high. If production efficiency is good then the company never face losses.

Front End : Php

Back End : MySql

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